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Five Yoga poses to help boost your immunity

A strong immunity is crucial for fighting infections and frequent attacks of common cold and fever.

But the modern diet, filled with junk and fast food, and lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking may weaken your immune system.

However, don’t fret – regularly performing Yoga can help you out.

Here are five Yoga poses that can help boost your immunity.

Triangle pose

Five Yoga poses,

Step your right foot forward into a plunge, then straighten your leg.

Next, move your left foot forward, and turn it at a 45 to 60 degrees angle with the edge of the mat.

Rest your right hand over your shin, and reach your left hand toward the roof, with your palms facing outward.

Hold the position for a minute, then shift sides.

Fish pose

Five Yoga poses,

To perform the Fish pose, start by sitting straight with your legs crossed. Now, holding your toes, lean back and stretch your head and neck. Try to touch the floor/mat with your head. Hold for a couple of seconds, and then return to initial position.

Mountain pose

Five Yoga poses,

Tadasana or the Mountain pose is great for boosting your immune system and improving posture.

Additionally, it firms the abdomen and buttocks, and improves flexibility of the spine.

To perform, stand straight, with your feet hip-width apart, hips in a neutral position, and tailbone tucked just slightly under. With your shoulder blades sliding down your back, reach your head toward the roof.

Tree pose

Five Yoga poses,

The Vrikshasana or the Tree pose can also help enhance your immune system.

How to perform? With your left foot grounded, hips in line with your shoulders, spine elongated, stand straight.

Next, lift your right leg and press the sole of your foot against your left inner thigh.

Also, make sure you are standing as tall as possible. Join hands to your heart.

Cobra pose

Five Yoga poses,

To perform the Cobra pose, lie down on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders. Next, press down with your hands, and lift your upper body backward, as far as possible. Hold the position for five breaths. Relax, and then repeat.

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