Microsoft Windows 10 Update Search Feature

Microsoft Windows 10,
  1. Microsoft confirmed a new Windows 10 bug where PC face high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe when searching.

Microsoft Windows 10,

Another Windows 10 bug spotted (Pixabay)

If you’re unable to use the search functionality after recent Windows 10 update, you’re not alone.

Microsoft in its September update log confirmed some Windows 10, version 1903 users are facing difficulties with Windows Desktop Search feature after installing the latest cumulative KB4512941 update. The company also confirmed that the bug is also draining the CPU on Windows 10 devices.

“Microsoft is getting reports that a small number of users may not receive results when using Windows Desktop Search and may see high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe when searching after installing KB4512941. This issue is only encountered on devices in which searching the web from Windows Desktop Search has been disabled,” the company said in its update log.

Microsoft Windows 10,

Microsoft said the fix for the Windows Desktop Search bug will be available in mid-September.

Microsoft Windows 10,

Apart from the Search bug, Windows 10 users are facing a host of issues after the recent updates. Last month, several Windows 10 users reported facing difficulties with Bluetooth connectivity. For some users, Bluetooth connected devices delivered noisy and bad quality sound.

“Additionally, in Device Manager, you notice an entry under the Sound, video and game controllers node for Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source that shows a yellow bang (exclamation mark) icon,” Microsoft acknowledged on its support page.

Microsoft estimates a resolution will be available in mid-September, so it will probably not be fixed by the upcoming Patch Tuesday on September 10, but by a subsequent optional cumulative update.

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