The Secret School in the World-By Advancemirror

The Secret School in the World

Secret School,

Schools may not necessarily occupy a lot of land and beautiful scenery. They may not all have distinct disciplines. The departments are well-established. It is not necessarily how many cattle and political figures have been cultivated. The books you get are not necessarily high numbers, English, and most likely The secret of grazing pigs and pigs becomes a lady’s book. Perhaps you may be Harry Potter’s magic broom. Who knows, anyway, the world’s universities are so many that there may be some strange, let’s take a look.

Secret School,

1. The Grey School of Wizardry

“Learning magic, to The Grey School of Wizardry, we offer alchemy, raccoon, horse language, wand making and other majors all year round”. The Grey School of Wizardry is a professor who gives you real magic. As Hogwarts (Harry Potter’s School of Magic), The Grey School of Wizardry has 16 departments that teach alchemy, raccoon, horse language, wand making, and spell casting. The college’s students are divided into four factions, named wind, water, earth, and fire. Like Harry Potter, these students must learn spells against “black magic.” There are 735 students at The Grey School of Wizardry. On March 2, 2011, this magic school was officially accredited by academic institutions!

Secret School,

2. Deep Springs College

Deep Springs College, which is located in the eastern part of California, the entire school is a private isolated farm. The reason why the site was chosen is because Lucian Lucius Nain, a power tycoon, the founder believes that the material world is full of sin, and true great men must be able to listen to the voice of the desert. The management of the college is extremely ridiculous, and without dringking is one of the basic requirements. It is a virtue to stay away from TV. Even the telephones and the Internet connected to the outside world often strike due to bad weather.

The college’s academic system is 2 years. It recruits no more than 15 students each year, and the students are all boys. It is a full-time bursary, But these students have to work 20 hours a week to release cattle, grow grass, and live a cowboy life.

Secret School,

3. Freie Universität, Frankfurt, Germany

Freie Universität, Frankfurt, Germany has a very different kind of school called “Freie Universität”. This is a school officially recognized by the state. In fact, the country did not easily recognize it at first. The school had a lawsuit against the government agencies for several years, and finally went to the Federal Supreme Court to win the case. The school was founded in 1974. The school’s educational mission is to oppose authority and promote independent thinking. Freie Universität does not have classes and there are no fixed courses. It is up to the students to decide what to learn, where to learn, when to learn, and how to learn.

Secret School,

4. Apple University

Apple University founded by Jobs, has always been highly confidential, the outside world almost no knowledge of this, it is a top business school. 4, Apple University’s training elite is not inferior to Yale University. Apple University students are only eligible to attend classes, and the course is only for executives at Apple level. The content of the course does not have a specific subject classification, but is tailor-made according to the students. One of the courses is called “the best thing”. In short, there are too many mysterious contents, and the outside world can only understand little of it.
More than 9,000 engineers and other Apple employees work in the building, which has its own electricity supply and a vast atrium with a variety of fruit trees, including, perhaps not surprisingly, many varieties of apple.

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