Three elements in table flower design

This is our dream minimalist vase with a touch of the rustic in its raw edges and delicately overlapping glaze. Thrown on a potters wheel, using a chamotte stoneware clay, covered inside and out with a matte white glaze, they are perfect for displays of dry and fresh flowers.

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Romantic dining environment and friendly with an elegant dining equipment not only bring the delicious taste of the food, but also bring pleasure creates artistic pleasurable dining atmosphere, often times there are flowers. What aspects of specific design need to be considered? You must first understand the three elements of table flowers namely props, scenes, and effects.

First element

flower design,

The first element is the use of props. In addition to soft tablecloths, napkins and hardware tableware as well as equipment for making elegant and warm tables, various decorations are very important. Salt and pepper bottles, napkin rings, candles, candles, ceramic dolls, etc. In addition, fruit and flower decorations are also an important part of table decorations.

flower design,

Among them, flowers naturally are the most important thing. Flower art is generally decorated in the center of the dining table. Don’t occupy more than 1/3 of the table. The long dining table is 1/3 of the width and 1/3 of the length, height between 25cm and 30cm. If the height of the house is very high, flowers with good height can be used to design flowers above the visitor’s line of sight. Matching flower colors is also very important. First, we must unify the table as a whole color, and then set the contrast color as the visual focus in a particular section.

Second element

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The second element is to determine the scenery, we must first determine the purpose of a banquet, for example a birthday party, entertaining friends, and so on. To explain why it is designed, because specifically the design content must be determined based on time, place, person, destination, recipe, and food. Use of seasonal features and smart celebrations, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and so on. Use the characteristics of this festival to determine the theme and concept of design. Then determine the recipe based on the season, the color of the tablecloth, the color of the equipment, flowers and fruits, etc., and use the season’s senses skillfully.

Third element

flower design,

The third element is clear effects, table design has unlimited methods and types of expressions according to everyone’s taste, and has the following key points when determining direction and concepts. Effective use of jewelry and lighting, helps a little charm as jewelry, such as casually placing some art and crystal porcelain, ribbon ornaments, etc., will make the table more attractive. However, to avoid excessive decoration, the layout of the table is designed to make family and friends and guests happy in eating and must also consider the mood and identity of visitors in the design, and cannot be decorated blindly according to their own preferences.

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